SonicStreamer 2.4 – Introducing MusicBrainz

With update 2.4, SonicStreamer now supports the open music encyclopedia MusicBrainz which offers metadata for artists, albums and more. At the moment only metadata for artists will be used like Social Media links, but it is planned to extend the usage of this service.

Starting with this version the source code is now accessible for everyone on GitLab. Here you can also track the current development on the issue board.

Finally, the full changelog for this update:

  • [New]: MusicBrainz Support
  • [New]: Settings Page shows now the size of the local track cache
  • [New]: Added links on Settings Page for license and GitLab repository
  • [Changed]: Modified and extended views with artist info
  • [Fixed]: Data loss while getting metadata of current track in playback
  • [Fixed]: Page title on detailed album view
  • [Fixed]: Newest album ordering on HomePage for mobile devices
  • [Fixed]: Missing Cover in System Media Transport Controls (SMTC)

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