SonicStreamer 2.3 – Podcast and Madsonic Support

Since last week the latest update for SonicStreamer is available in Windows Store which introduces two new main features.

The first one is the support for podcasts. So that means you are now able to stream podcast episodes from your server, check for new episodes or even download them on your device as offline cache. You will find a new entry in the main menu.

The other main feature is the support for further server types beside Subsonic, starting with Madsonic. To have the full access on all Madsonic functionalities please select the appropriate server type on the login view. In the next updates I try to add more server types like libresonic.

At least the full change log:

  • [New]: Podcast Support
  • [New]: Support for other server types beside Subsonic (starting with Madsonic)
  • [New]: Added section “newest albums” on Home page
  • [New]: Added section “top songs” on the detailed album view
  • [New]: Added SonicStreamer Twitter profile on the Info view
  • [Changed]: Switched sections “albums” and “artist info” on the detailed album view
  • [Changed]: Improved security for password handling using PasswordVault
  • [Changed]: AppBarButton labels can now be displayed
  • [Changed]: Correct server API version is now used for all requests
  • [Changed]: App version also now use increasing Build numbers
  • [Fixed]: Incresed size for bit rates; in the past text was truncated for large numbers especially for FLAC files

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