SonicStreamer 2.2 – New Media Playback and Xbox One Compatibility

Finally, the new update for SonicStreamer is available in the Windows Store which includes not so many new features but a lot of things have been changed in the background to improve the stability of the App.

After the latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update I was able to implement a modified Background Media Playback with the new Single Process Model. For the user nothing has been changed so far but from the code basis I could eliminate so much code lines, methods and classes. And the new implementation is much more stable and reliable than the old one.

Beside this SonicStreamer is also now available on Xbox One. You can download the App on the console and listen to your music while playing any games. At the moment I’m not 100% happy with the controls but I try to improve this in one of the next updates. I also don’t like the huge scaling on Xbox One (200% in comparison to PC), but let’s see what I can do here.

The only new thing is the Volume Control which you might now from the Windows 8.1 version. Some users asked for it and now it’s available again.

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