SonicStreamer 2.1 – Offline Playback

SonicStreamer got an update and introduces a new functionality which is the first step for the upcoming offline mode. You are now able to download single tracks or whole albums from your Subsonic server. In case a track is available on your device the app will not stream it from the internet instead the local file will be used for the playback.

To see which songs are locally available I have added some icons to see the current status. There are three different states: Online, Downloading, Offline


In the future I will try to implement a complete offline mode in case you have no internet connection and you still want to listen to your music.

As usual you can find here the complete change log of the update:

  • [New]: Offline Playback: It’s now possible to download tracks on the device and to save bandwidth or your data allowance. At the moment internet connection is still required to login on the server
  • [New]: SSL login with self-signed certificates is now possible
  • [New]: Hamburger Menu is now scrollable
  • [New]: Track list on Playback Page now scrolls automatically
  • [Fixed]: Crashes on Login Page with empty fields
  • [Fixed]: Section title for ‘random albums’ on Home Page corrected
  • [Fixed]: After playlist selection the Command Bar handling was fixed on Playlist Page
  • [Fixed]: Tracks will be loaded again on Folder Page
  • [Fixed]: Minor visual changes while adding tracks to a playlist

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