SonicStreamer 2.0 – Built for Windows 10

Lot of months have passed since the last update of SonicStreamer but that doesn’t mean that I have stopped working on the app. Over the last months (with some short breaks) I have worked on a new version for Windows 10, based on the new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) where I have combined the desktop and the mobile version into one single app. Now all versions (PC/Tablet, Mobile and later Xbox One) are running on the same code basis which means that new functionalities and changes are automatically available on all platforms.


The UI has also now a new look & feel to fit into the new Windows 10 environment. You will not see some big new features, only some minor improvements but I hope you like it too.

For the next update I will try to implement the users number one feature request: Offline Playback. I also try to push new versions frequently like in the past.

Here you can find the complete change log:

  • [New]: Almost all pages have a new design to met the new Windows 10 look & feel
  • [New]: Artist / Album Page: new interaction menu for a single artist/ album item
  • [New]: Tracks of an album can be now extended separately


  • [New]: Hamburger Menu now available on all systems and pages
  • [New]: Semantic Zoom also now on Folder Page


  • [New]: Added new Playback Page which also shows data of the current track
  • [New]: Transparent Tile
  • [Changed]: Folder icon on Folder Page
  • [Fixed]: Crashes (especially) on mobile phones with low memory while loading a large amount of albums
  • Known issue: UVC (Universal Volume Control)  is not available on desktop platform


  1. I have a problem with SonicStreamer on Windows 10 with Subsonic 6 (running on a FreeNAS). When I try to connect to the Subsonic server, it gives me “Error: net_http_client_execution_error” along with “The text associated with this error code could not be found.”. I’m recieving the same error on two different computers (both running Windows 10 x64). Can you help me to fix it? I can provide you with logs, or help you to resolve problems if you provide me the code.

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