Universal App Update 1.3 – Semantic Zoom and new Phone App Start Page

A new version of SonicStreamer is now available in Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. The update includes some new UI features especially Semantic Zoom which improves the navigation of large artist and album lists. Several other UI optimizations are based on user feedbacks that I have received during the last weeks, many thanks to all of them…

I have also changed some pages for the Phone App as preparation for an upcoming release on Windows 10 with the new Universal App Platform (UAP).

WinRT / Phone:

  • [New]: Semantic Zoom for Album and Artist lists
  • [New]: Play Button added on Artist/Album Covers


  • [New]: Artist/Album Page shows now a progress bar to see the status of the data sync for large music libraries
  • [New]: https:// or http:// not longer required for login
  • [Changed]: Set a maximum width for the TextBox on the Search Page
  • [Fixed]: Restoring session data after App-Suspend should now work again


  • [New]: CheckBoxes enabled to select single tracks of an album
  • [New]: Added a Button on Login Page to simplify the navigation between the input fields (on low screen resolutions the keyboard probably hide one of the input fields)
  • [Changed]: Start Page redesigned. Artist and Album sections were moved to separate pages. On the Start Page you will now see Random, Recent and Frequent Albums like on the WinRT App.


  • [Fixed]: In some cases the wrong icon for the Folder/Track AppBarButton was shown
  • [Fixed]: Cutted PivotHeader on low screen resolutions

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