SonicStreamer Store App Update 1.1 – UI Redesign and LastFM Integration

SonicStreamer Store App was updated to version 1.1 and contains a lot of UI changes to optimize the views for several screen resolutions, especially for the window mode in Windows 10. LastFM integration with some artist information is also now available in the Store App. The scrobbling feature will be part of the next update for both apps.


  • [New] Start Page has now two new sections (most played, frequent played)
  • [New] LastFM Section which shows some information about the artist


  • [New] Login Page: Pressing Enter in password box starts connection process
  • [New] Seach Page: Pressing Enter in search box starts search
  • [Changed] Optimized Views for dynamic screen resolution
  • [Changed] New Icon in Folder Browser


  • [Changed] Snapped Player in expanded mode is now integrated in views (Player is no longer an overlay)
  • [Changed] Snapped Player is now a bit wider and track list has now more space
  • [Fixed] Privacy Policy Menu Duplicate after logout

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