Universal App – SonicStreamer for Windows Phone 8.1

With the Windows Phone App release SonicStreamer has reached the Universal App status. Now you can use the same app on your Windows PC / Tablet and on your Windows Phone Smartphone. Settings (e.g. login credentials) will be synchronized between all devices.
Now it’s time to work on the Store App UI for the upcoming Windows 10 release. I will also add the LastFM integration which is already available on Windows Phone. Scrobbling is also somthing that I want to add for both apps.

SonicStreamer Store App Update 1.0.7 – SuspensionManager and improved Playback handling

A new Update for SonicStreamer is now available in Windows Store. Most of these Updates are part of the SonicStreamer Framework which were implemented during the Phone App development. And some of these things are part of this update.

  • [New] SuspensionManager – If you resume the App after suspension some settings will be restored (e.g. playback and current track).
  • [New] Improved Playback handling – After switching from shuffled play mode to the normal mode the original track order of the playback will be restored.


  • [New] Improved Cover Download – Cover images are downloaded in required sizes and not in the original size (reduces traffic).
  • [New] Shuffle and Repeat Mode are also part of Roaming Settings.
  • [Changed] Font color of selected items on Album / Artist Page changed to white.


  • [Fixed] AppBar on Folder Page should work now during track selection.

Bug fixes and new Roaming Settings

During the last weeks I have released some bug-fix updates for the Modern UI App where I also changed the procedure for the local settings. But I must admit it didn’t worked really well especially the connection data to the server.

For this reason and as preparation for the upcoming Windows Phone release I have redesigned the complete settings model. From now on any changed settings should be saved immediately and synchronized to the cloud. Later on Windows Phone those settings should be available on your smartphone too.

Now some comments to the current development progress on the Phone App:

At the moment all important functionalities are implemented. I currently working on some last optimizations especially on the download traffic caused by the high number of cover images.

But I can say: The Windows Phone App release is getting closer and closer…

LastFM Integration

SonicStreamer for Windows Phone is still in development but will be released with last.fm integration. I will add these functionalities to the Windows Store App too. Actually the App will show further information about an artist like Band Members, Tags and the Biography. In later updates I will also implement the last.fm Scrobble feature.

LastFM Windows Phone

SonicStreamer now available for Windows 8.1

From now on you can find a new App in Windows Store called SonicStreamer which is a Subsonic Client where you can stream music from a subsonic server.

Tablet Screenshot

Actually the App has the basic functionalities like Track Selection, Folder Browser, Search Function and Playlist Management. But SonicStreamer is still in development so new features will be released in the future like PlayTo (Streaming to other devices) which is already implemented but actually deactivated due to some stability issue that I had in some testing scenarios.

At this time I’m working on the Windows Phone 8.1 App. So that means SonicStreamer will be the first Universal App for Windows (unless I’m mistaken). I hope I can finish this in the next days…

Afterwards I will re-work the User Interface for the upcoming OS Windows 10.

If you want to have a deeper look on SonicStreamer but don’t have an own Subsonic Server you can simply use the Subsonic Demo Server:

URL: http://demo.subsonig.org
User: guest1
Password: guest