SonicStreamer 2.4 – Introducing MusicBrainz

With update 2.4, SonicStreamer now supports the open music encyclopedia MusicBrainz which offers metadata for artists, albums and more. At the moment only metadata for artists will be used like Social Media links, but it is planned to extend the usage of this service.

Starting with this version the source code is now accessible for everyone on GitLab. Here you can also track the current development on the issue board.

Finally, the full changelog for this update:

  • [New]: MusicBrainz Support
  • [New]: Settings Page shows now the size of the local track cache
  • [New]: Added links on Settings Page for license and GitLab repository
  • [Changed]: Modified and extended views with artist info
  • [Fixed]: Data loss while getting metadata of current track in playback
  • [Fixed]: Page title on detailed album view
  • [Fixed]: Newest album ordering on HomePage for mobile devices
  • [Fixed]: Missing Cover in System Media Transport Controls (SMTC)

SonicStreamer 2.3 – Podcast and Madsonic Support

Since last week the latest update for SonicStreamer is available in Windows Store which introduces two new main features.

The first one is the support for podcasts. So that means you are now able to stream podcast episodes from your server, check for new episodes or even download them on your device as offline cache. You will find a new entry in the main menu.

The other main feature is the support for further server types beside Subsonic, starting with Madsonic. To have the full access on all Madsonic functionalities please select the appropriate server type on the login view. In the next updates I try to add more server types like libresonic.

At least the full change log:

  • [New]: Podcast Support
  • [New]: Support for other server types beside Subsonic (starting with Madsonic)
  • [New]: Added section “newest albums” on Home page
  • [New]: Added section “top songs” on the detailed album view
  • [New]: Added SonicStreamer Twitter profile on the Info view
  • [Changed]: Switched sections “albums” and “artist info” on the detailed album view
  • [Changed]: Improved security for password handling using PasswordVault
  • [Changed]: AppBarButton labels can now be displayed
  • [Changed]: Correct server API version is now used for all requests
  • [Changed]: App version also now use increasing Build numbers
  • [Fixed]: Incresed size for bit rates; in the past text was truncated for large numbers especially for FLAC files

SonicStreamer 2.2 – New Media Playback and Xbox One Compatibility

Finally, the new update for SonicStreamer is available in the Windows Store which includes not so many new features but a lot of things have been changed in the background to improve the stability of the App.

After the latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update I was able to implement a modified Background Media Playback with the new Single Process Model. For the user nothing has been changed so far but from the code basis I could eliminate so much code lines, methods and classes. And the new implementation is much more stable and reliable than the old one.

Beside this SonicStreamer is also now available on Xbox One. You can download the App on the console and listen to your music while playing any games. At the moment I’m not 100% happy with the controls but I try to improve this in one of the next updates. I also don’t like the huge scaling on Xbox One (200% in comparison to PC), but let’s see what I can do here.

The only new thing is the Volume Control which you might now from the Windows 8.1 version. Some users asked for it and now it’s available again.

SonicStreamer 2.1 – Offline Playback

SonicStreamer got an update and introduces a new functionality which is the first step for the upcoming offline mode. You are now able to download single tracks or whole albums from your Subsonic server. In case a track is available on your device the app will not stream it from the internet instead the local file will be used for the playback.

To see which songs are locally available I have added some icons to see the current status. There are three different states: Online, Downloading, Offline


In the future I will try to implement a complete offline mode in case you have no internet connection and you still want to listen to your music.

As usual you can find here the complete change log of the update:

  • [New]: Offline Playback: It’s now possible to download tracks on the device and to save bandwidth or your data allowance. At the moment internet connection is still required to login on the server
  • [New]: SSL login with self-signed certificates is now possible
  • [New]: Hamburger Menu is now scrollable
  • [New]: Track list on Playback Page now scrolls automatically
  • [Fixed]: Crashes on Login Page with empty fields
  • [Fixed]: Section title for ‘random albums’ on Home Page corrected
  • [Fixed]: After playlist selection the Command Bar handling was fixed on Playlist Page
  • [Fixed]: Tracks will be loaded again on Folder Page
  • [Fixed]: Minor visual changes while adding tracks to a playlist

SonicStreamer 2.0 – Built for Windows 10

Lot of months have passed since the last update of SonicStreamer but that doesn’t mean that I have stopped working on the app. Over the last months (with some short breaks) I have worked on a new version for Windows 10, based on the new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) where I have combined the desktop and the mobile version into one single app. Now all versions (PC/Tablet, Mobile and later Xbox One) are running on the same code basis which means that new functionalities and changes are automatically available on all platforms.


The UI has also now a new look & feel to fit into the new Windows 10 environment. You will not see some big new features, only some minor improvements but I hope you like it too.

For the next update I will try to implement the users number one feature request: Offline Playback. I also try to push new versions frequently like in the past.

Here you can find the complete change log:

  • [New]: Almost all pages have a new design to met the new Windows 10 look & feel
  • [New]: Artist / Album Page: new interaction menu for a single artist/ album item
  • [New]: Tracks of an album can be now extended separately


  • [New]: Hamburger Menu now available on all systems and pages
  • [New]: Semantic Zoom also now on Folder Page


  • [New]: Added new Playback Page which also shows data of the current track
  • [New]: Transparent Tile
  • [Changed]: Folder icon on Folder Page
  • [Fixed]: Crashes (especially) on mobile phones with low memory while loading a large amount of albums
  • Known issue: UVC (Universal Volume Control)  is not available on desktop platform

Universal App Update 1.3 – Semantic Zoom and new Phone App Start Page

A new version of SonicStreamer is now available in Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. The update includes some new UI features especially Semantic Zoom which improves the navigation of large artist and album lists. Several other UI optimizations are based on user feedbacks that I have received during the last weeks, many thanks to all of them…

I have also changed some pages for the Phone App as preparation for an upcoming release on Windows 10 with the new Universal App Platform (UAP).

WinRT / Phone:

  • [New]: Semantic Zoom for Album and Artist lists
  • [New]: Play Button added on Artist/Album Covers


  • [New]: Artist/Album Page shows now a progress bar to see the status of the data sync for large music libraries
  • [New]: https:// or http:// not longer required for login
  • [Changed]: Set a maximum width for the TextBox on the Search Page
  • [Fixed]: Restoring session data after App-Suspend should now work again


  • [New]: CheckBoxes enabled to select single tracks of an album
  • [New]: Added a Button on Login Page to simplify the navigation between the input fields (on low screen resolutions the keyboard probably hide one of the input fields)
  • [Changed]: Start Page redesigned. Artist and Album sections were moved to separate pages. On the Start Page you will now see Random, Recent and Frequent Albums like on the WinRT App.


  • [Fixed]: In some cases the wrong icon for the Folder/Track AppBarButton was shown
  • [Fixed]: Cutted PivotHeader on low screen resolutions

Bug fix Update 1.2.2 / 1.2.3

A new bug fix update has been released which fixes app crashes due to some invalid XML data from subsonic. It may happen that a music file has ID3-Tags with non-valid characters (caused by copy & paste or something like this). In such cases Subsonic will send those invalid characters and SonicStreamer crashed in the past trying to read the data.

As a first workaround the app will skip only a single node instead of the whole XML. So that means if an artist has several albums and one of these albums has a tag with an invalid character (e.g. in the name tag) then SonicStreamer will only skip this specific album. All other albums and artist data should be available.

Thanks a lot to Josh who gave me the chance to reproduce this scenario on his server and to work on a first solution.

Bug fix Update 1.2.1

Update 1.2.1 has been released and contains only some bug fixes.

WinRT / Windows Phone:

  • [Fixed] App initialization will no longer overwrite roaming settings. Scrobbling should now work after app restart
  • [Fixed] Logout should now clear app data accordingly. It may happened that you saw old data after switching to another server.
  • [Changed] Improved synchronization of existing playlists

Windows Phone:

  • [Changed] Scrobbling should also work while app runs in background
  • [Fixed] Further corrections of playback after app suspension
  • [Fixed] Universal Volume Control will be reset after background task has been shut down

Universal App Update 1.2 – Scrobbling

Update 1.2 is now available in Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. It contains the ability to scrobble tracks to but this has to be activated separately in the app settings (default setting is Disabled). SonicStreamer will use the account credentials which are stored in the Subsonic user settings.


I also fixed the playback view for the Windows Phone app. In some cases the page didn’t displayed the correct track. During the tests I observed that SonicStreamer didn’t crashed anymore after the app restart. I hope this issue is also fixed now.

SonicStreamer Store App Update 1.1 – UI Redesign and LastFM Integration

SonicStreamer Store App was updated to version 1.1 and contains a lot of UI changes to optimize the views for several screen resolutions, especially for the window mode in Windows 10. LastFM integration with some artist information is also now available in the Store App. The scrobbling feature will be part of the next update for both apps.


  • [New] Start Page has now two new sections (most played, frequent played)
  • [New] LastFM Section which shows some information about the artist


  • [New] Login Page: Pressing Enter in password box starts connection process
  • [New] Seach Page: Pressing Enter in search box starts search
  • [Changed] Optimized Views for dynamic screen resolution
  • [Changed] New Icon in Folder Browser


  • [Changed] Snapped Player in expanded mode is now integrated in views (Player is no longer an overlay)
  • [Changed] Snapped Player is now a bit wider and track list has now more space
  • [Fixed] Privacy Policy Menu Duplicate after logout